From dream to reality

Once upon a time... there was a family


From a small country retreat, came the dream that a family of 4 made come true: sharing a magical corner, of a fairy tale, that now writes its pages every sunset.


In 2016, the family went in search of a dream and passion. A dream, of sharing a corner, that they didn’t want to be just theirs. A passion, for nature and the products we take from it. Sharing and respecting it.

They put their hands in the land. They embraced Permaculture and built an Agrotourism project, in full nature.


Respecting the typical design of the spaces and with the concern to integrate the project in harmony with the surrounding environment, the ruined buildings were restored.

Animals and organic gardens were added to the accommodation, from which the Endémica Cider was born from rigorously selected harvests.

A property that takes us back to our roots and traditions. Source of unique experiences and moments of tranquility and leisure, aimed at all nature lovers.



More than a stay


  • Nature and adventure
  • From 50€