"If people's needs are met compassionately and simple way, the environment around them will thrive.

The icon of two people together is the need for companionship and collaborative work to provide change.

Care for people begins with ourselves and expands to include local and other communities. The challenge is to grow with social responsibility. "- David Holmgren

The social responsibility strategy of Casas da Levada promotes human rights and involvement of stakeholders and community.



  • Study visits promotion and other social-oriented initiatives in our space
  • Encouraging professional development and personal growth of all employees
  • Promoting and encouraging health and safety at work in all the activities that take place
  • Fostering good practices of hygiene and food safety
  • Conducting workshops in collaboration with external entities
  • Prioritize the purchase of local products
  • Disclosure craft and local products, exhibiting and offering these products to purchase